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Scott Kovach
github: kovach
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I'm a computer science Ph.D. student at Stanford advised by Fredrik Kjolstad.

Programs are often the most clear and explicit way of realizing one's understanding of a process, communicating it, and collaboratively refining it. I like to work on domain specific languages, which can offer users a combination of high expressiveness and performance.

Lately I've worked on etch, a compiler for tensor arithmetic, relational queries, and more. We use the notion of indexed streams to abstract the implementation details of sparse computations.

I like functional programming, relational languages, algebraic optimizations, naive realism, and games.


2024There's no such thing as auto-formalization
2024Dissolve the World with Slime Magic
2023Joins and Polynomials (pdf)
2023The AGM Query Bound (pdf)


(PLDI23) Indexed Streams: A Formal Intermediate Representation for Fused Contraction Programs
Scott Kovach, Praneeth Kolichala, Tiancheng Gu, Fredrik Kjolstad


2023Sparse Tensor Workshop
2017LIVE 2017 at SPLASH